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Call for Papers

The 7th IHTC 2024 conference focuses on a broad range of hospitality and tourism topics. Academicians, researchers, post-graduate students as well as practitioners are invited to present their research under the broad discipline of sociology, gastronomy, anthropology, economy, management as well as other relevant disciplines. All papers accepted for presentation will be considered through blind refereeing process.

Important Dates

Call for paper

14th June 2024

Abstract Submission

19th July 2024

Full Paper Submission

16th August 2024

Registration and Payment

31st August 2024

Conference Date

2 - 4TH DECEMBER 2024

Publication in selected journals

Early 2025




Guardians of Culture:
Commitment to Heritage Sustainability in Hospitaliy and Tourism

Presentations and discussions will include, but not limited to, the following themes/topics within the domain of hospitality and tourism



Scope 1: General Tourism and Hospitality Topics

  • Policy,Planning and governance

  • Business analytics, models and operational practices

  • Supply-chain management and distribution channels

  • Marketing, branding and reputation management

  • Consumer behaviour, collaborative consumption, co-creation, decision-making, experience and satisfaction

  • Product, service and experiential innovation

  • Sports Tourism, festivals and events, lodginf and MICE marketing and management

  • Competitiveness, sustainability and corporate social responsibility

  • Service excellence and service quality

  • Social media, emerging technologiesand e-tourism

  • smart cities, Mobile technologies, machine -learning, big data analytics

  • Business and intelligence Digital Economies

  • Human Resources management and strategic leadership development

  • Innovation, creativity and change management

  • Tourism economics

  • Crisis management, risk management, safety and security

  • Education and training

  • Corporate management

  • Financial and performance management, and forecasting

  • Emerging research methods and methodologies

Scope 2: Sustainable Heritage Tourism

  • Sustainable Tourism, specifically in the areas of rejuvenating heritage in Tourism

  • Heritage tourism development

  • Indigenous/women empowerment in tourism

  • Sicual and economic development

  • Culinary travel experience and impact on local food cultures

Scope 3: Food, Culture and Heritage

  • Quality in heritage food

  • Sustainability in heritage food

  • Preservation of culinary heritage and food

  • Cultural significance in food preparation and presentation

  • Multicultural societies and immigrant influence in local cuisines

  • Evolution of food and cooking methods

  • Culinary innovations



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