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Call for Papers

The HTC 2023 conference focuses on a broad range of hospitality and tourism topics. Academicians, researchers, post-graduate students as well as practitioners are invited to present their research under the broad discipline of sociology, gastronomy, anthropology, economy, management as well as other relevant disciplines. All papers accepted for presentation will be considered through blind refereeing process.

Important Dates

Call for paper

1st August 2023

Full Paper Submission

30th October 2023

*Extended from: 15th October 2023 

Registration and Payment

15th November 2023

Conference Date

21 December 2023

Publication in JTHCA (special issue)

Early 2024



Future Trends and Challenges in Hospitality and Tourism Industry:
An Overview of Post Pandemic Research

Presentations and discussions will include, but not limited to, the following themes/topics within the domain of hospitality and tourism



Scope 1: Hospitality Trend and Development

  • Hospitality innovation

  • Green Hotel

  • Automation in Hospitality

  • Lodging operation

  • Food and beverage management

  • Virtual Reality Hospitality

  • Hospitality Consumer behavior and Experience

  • Hospitality Education

  • Customer service

  • Hospitality innovation

  • Green Hotel

  • Automation in Hospitality

  • Lodging operation

  • Others relevant areas in the Hospitality Trend and Development

Scope 2: Tourism Sustainability and Resilience

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Digital Tourism

  • Tourism Innovation

  • Rural tourism

  • Islamic Tourism

  • Tourism Crisis and Management

  • Health and Wellness

  • Tourism Education

  • Tourism Quality

  • Nature Tourism

  • Heritage tourism

  • Tourism planning

  • Data analytics

  • Other relevant areas of Tourism Sustainability and Resilient

Scope 3: Foodservice and Gastronomy Evolution

  • Food security

  • Food safety Management

  • Food heritage

  • Foodservice management

  • Foodservice Technology and automation

  • Foodservice Marketing

  • Innovative food products and processing

  • Waste management

  • Food production

  • Food and culture

  • Gastronomy Science

  • Data analytics

  • Other areas of Foodservice and Gastronomy Evolution



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